The Only Tools You’ll Need to Create Amazing Sugar Art

The Only Tools You’ll Need to Create Amazing Sugar Art

At FMM we love nothing more than collaborating with our valued customers, they are the soul of our business and who we always want to please. So we couldn’t have been more thrilled when Christina Georgiou, from Tasteful Cakes called us up one day and told us that she has been using our modeling tools, but that she thought they could look more appealing. 

Christina has been making cakes nearly all her life, starting out young and learning as a child from her mum. Her passion turned into her business as an adult, and she now runs a very successful cake business and sugarcraft decoration classes. Her favourites to make are personalised models based on the person the cake is for, and for these creations she needs the best modeling tools. 

“I’ve always used the FMM tools and I love them.” Said Christina “but I felt they were a little bit dated. So I contacted Grace, I told her how much I used them but would she work with me to redesign them.” It’s safe to say that Grace was instantly hooked on Christina’s energy and buzz for the Sugarcraft industry, and the pair formed a fantastic working relationship. 

So, the idea was born to keep all of the best parts of the tools, like the fact they’re seamless, but make them even more visually friendly. One of the key examples of this is the change of colours, each tool has its own colour, which makes it easier to locate when needed and easier for use in demonstrations. They’re also double-ended, so the user actually gets 10 tools in one pack, making them ideal for those starting out and not sure which tools they’ll need - they’ll have them all! 

Education is a big part of Christina’s plans, these tools are no different. There is a QR code located on the back of the packaging, when scanned it will take you directly to Christina’s YouTube channel for a full tutorial on how to use each of the tools individually. This makes using them as easy as possible, whether you’re new to the cake decorating world completely, or dipping your toe into the art of Sugarcrafting.

“Working with Christina has been fantastic! I wish I could bottle her energy and enthusiasm and post it out with each of the tools we sell!” Said Grace. “She’s just the best.” 

The new and improved Sugarcraft tools can be purchased here: and Christina’s classes are available to book through her website: Home - Tasteful Cakes By Christina Georgiou 

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