FMM Sugarcraft LTD

Why Choose FMM

FMM LTD formerly known as Filtering Media Manufacturers was founded by my parents Joseph and Mary Clements in 1948. They started off making coffee filter Bags , Piping Bags, Cutlery holdalls and Aprons in a small garage in North London. Today FMM Sugarcraft is the leading manufacturer of Sugarcraft equipment in the UK exporting to over 30 countries worldwide.

In business, change is inevitable and adapting to change is
of utmost importance. That is why myself, my daughter Lucie and my wonderful staff are committed to keep up with the changes, whether that be in innovativion as a result of changes in trends, changes in laws we have to act upon or most importantly the effect we as businesses are having on the environment. 

Sustainability has become key and having a BSC in environmental Science I know this only too well. This is why the plastics we use in our manufacturing processes are reusable and recyclable , our packaging at the moment is recyclable but we will be moving onto biodegradable material in the future. We manufacture ALL our products in the UK which means not only are they all high quality so won’t end up as waste but also there is little carbon footprint necessary to bring the products in from overseas. We aim to use less and less electricity in our warehouses . And a lot of our processes are still carried out by humans rather than machines.

At the moment FMM are known as a ‘Greening’ Company.
Greening companies are companies that are not fully lower carbon today but are serious about getting there. These are companies that have credible plans to transform and become greener.

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