Take the colour wheel out of those dusting brushes, the sustainable way

Take the colour wheel out of those dusting brushes, the sustainable way

At FMM Sugarcraft we are constantly looking at ways to make our products more sustainable, this is an ongoing effort and will be continuing as the company evolves. We also love to share useful tips and tricks of the cake world, to make everyone's lives easier. So when we were contacted by Casey at Flower Confectioner, about writing a blog for us on how to sustainably clean your dusting brushes, it felt like the perfect fit! 

Casey owns Flower Confectioner, a cake creator specialising in Flower Sugarcraft based in Hertfordshire.

Casey writes:

Are you looking at how you can get those dusting brushes of yours cleaned whilst also making sure the product you use is not just food-safe but planet safe as well!? Well, look no further!

Did you know that there is an ingredient in your kitchen that you, as a baker use almost, if not every day? This ingredient is not just food safe but also planet safe, as it is a solid crystalline salt that is found in a natural mineral form in nahcolite deposits. Baking soda! (AKA bicarbonate of soda.)

How to use this for cleaning your brushes is by taking either a glass or container and filling this with about 50ml of warm water then add about ½ - 1 tsp of baking soda and stir this with the tsp, then gently place your brushes into the liquid solution, let that sit for about 30 minutes. Depending on how much colour your brushes have in them, you may find you need to repeat this process again. Once your brushes are colour free, gently rinse them by hand under warm water to clear the bristles out from any remaining solution, then pat them down with a clean dry tea towel, and voila! There you have yourself some brand-new-looking dusting brushes. Super easy!

P.S you can use baking soda along with other edible ingredients like fresh lemon or apple cider vinegar for cleaning things like baking trays, tins, and so much more!

If you enjoyed learning about how to clean your dusting brushes in a sustainable way and would like to learn some more ethical cleaning tricks, then pop some comments down below and we will be sure to do another sustainable cleaning blog addition.

To see more on Casey's creations visit her pages:

Flower Confectioner Instagram

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