Let your dark side out

Let your dark side out

If we were to say to you “black icing cake”, what would be your first response? 

“Nice for Halloween” or “sounds depressing”. 

But actually, using black icing as the main colour for your cake can really add some stunning visuals to your event. Black is known for being an elegant colour to wear and the same can be said for cake design too. 

If you want to add some real drama, keep to all black but add some structure to it using shapes to the side or top, but keep it in the same black. A mix of different shapes in the same spot would add a focal point and some added interest. 

Or use a bright contrasting colour to add a standout pop in just the right place. This could be with some stunning pink flowers to one side, a contrasting colour ribbon on each tier or even down to a brightly coloured cake stand set against the black cake. 

Black cake with gold highlights and shocking pink orchid sitting on top

Cake design by dolcevita_cakes_by_albina

And if it’s pure elegance you want to achieve then nothing screams that more than a black cake with gold detailing. Create interest by 3D gold spheres snaking around from bottom to the top. Or give it some height with pure gold leaves on the top. If possible opt for a gold cake stand to add to the theme

Black iced cake with black flower detailing around the side and striking gold leave design.
Cake design by kouturecakes

So if you’re looking for a cake design idea that goes against tradition and adds some drama to your event, check out some of the possibilities available when using black icing. 


Black iced wedding cake with rose gold painted edge around the bottom. White, orange and dark red flowers and topper saying "till death do us part".

Cake design by bttrcrmbakeshop

For an older kids cake with an edge why not try black icing overlaid with our Graffiti writing. Or for an adults cake you could try our wildflower cutter set then painted in gold edible paint. And for that pop of colour our easiest peony cutters would be ideal using a pink. 

Images supplied by Pinterest.
Social media image - cake design by Olga Kulikova.

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