Last Minute Halloween Party Food Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Party Food Ideas

I can’t be the only one that feels super busy at the moment, so it’s no surprise that I have a Halloween party at the weekend that I am totally unprepared for! Fortunately I’ve found some great food hacks that will cause a stir, so I thought I’d share them. 

I’ve already made a start on my Halloween Jelly shots (see my last blog post about these), I can finish these off tomorrow and add the finishing touches just before my guests arrive. The kids coming will love them. 

Halloween decorated jelly shots

A great idea for an easy pudding:

  • Either buy or make a chocolate cake or brownies, crumble into a large clear glass or cup
  • Add a layer of caramel - this can be made using condensed milk
  • Add in some gummy worms that can be seen through the glass
  • Layer again with crumbled chocolate cake, then caramel again and worms poking in and out

Another way to create impact is to greet guests with a spooky welcome drink using edible glitter. I tried them out last weekend, they can be used in either soft drinks or sparkling wine. I used the red glitter to add a ring around the glass, which was great as it looked like sparkly blood - perfect for Halloween! Then fill the glass carefully with your chosen drink, top with the black or purple edible glitter and stir. I used glitter from Rainbow Dust in black, red and purple, it was ideal! I also added a toy spider to complete the look. 

Halloween party drinks using black edible glitter, sparkling wine and red edible glitter around the edge

Little touches like these mean that the main bulk of the food can be kept ‘normal’. 

Finally, if you’re looking for a focal point for your table why not create some hanging Halloween biscuits! Sounds challenging but they are super easy. 

Items needed to make really easy Halloween biscuits
  • Take a  bought digestive biscuit 
  • using black rolled icing cut out a circle as the background, 
  • using edible glue, stick it to the biscuit
  • Using our Halloween cutters select the cutter and the correct colour icing paste to create the top layer
  • Using water or edible glue, stick the Halloween icing cut out to the black backing circle and leave it all to dry
  • Once it’s dry, using Halloween coloured ribbon, securely wrap it around the biscuit with a loop to hang them
  • Find a dry branch or branches and secure them upright in the middle of your table,
  • Then use the biscuits to adorn the branches. Voila! 
Halloween decorated digestive biscuit


Marshmallows melted down can be used to add edible spider webs. Simply melt white marshmallows, mix and when cooled slightly use clean hands to take small amounts from the bowl and separate like string wherever needed. It will stick to what it touches and create a spider web effect. 

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