Halloween Party Food - Spooky Jelly Shots

Halloween Party Food - Spooky Jelly Shots

I love an excuse for a party! And this time of year offers us plenty of excuses to meet up with friends. Halloween is just around the corner and is always a firm favourite with kids and big-kids alike, so I thought I’d share some ideas over the coming weeks of simple but effective Halloween party food. 

The first are some simple but effective Halloween Jelly shots, these can be made for the kids at the party - or add a splash of vodka to the jelly mix for the adults (just make sure you don’t mix them up!). 

The first thing to do is decide on the colours you want to do, for Halloween the best colours are orange, red, purple and green. Try to avoid putting red and green together as it might look more Christmas than Halloween.

Your full ingredients list is;

2 x difference coloured concentrate jelly

Squirty cream

Rolled icing sugar (Orange, White, Black)

Halloween cutters

Shot glasses 

Hot water

You could also use some Halloween themed sprinkles, I’ve seen some great options online. 

Tip! You’ll need to allow enough time for both layers of jelly to dry, so I recommend starting these a few days before you need them. 

  • Follow the instructions on the packet to make up your first layer of jelly. If you have kids this is a great activity to do with them for some extra parenting points! 

  • Pour in your first layer of jelly to roughly halfway up the shot glasses, pop them onto a tray and put in the fridge to set. 


  • Once the first layer is set, you can start on your second colour, following the instructions on the packet of jelly. 

  • Take the shot glasses out of the fridge and pour on your second colour layer, filling it up to nearly the top. (You’ll need to leave a millimeter or 2 at the top for the cream.) 

  • Pop them back in the fridge to set. 

Orange and red jelly shots in a tray

Now the really fun bit! 

While your second layer is setting it’s time to create your Halloween icing toppers. Our Halloween cutter includes a scary pumpkin, cat, flying witch, witches hat, tombstone and ghost. 

  • Roll out your preferred coloured icing and push your cutter shape down firmly into the icing to create the imprint. Remove the cutter and any excess icing then use a clean knife to neaten up the edges.

  • Add any details you would like, feel free to get creative here with edible pens, sprinkles, edible glitter etc. Go wild! 

  • Once you’re happy with your designs, set aside on a plate to start air drying a little. 

White icing gravestone with purple edible pain detailing on a chopping board

Tip! I don’t recommend doing the final part of the assembly until as late as possible, or if you’re brave enough you could always get all of the children to decorate their own jellies when they’re at the party. 

  • The last stage is to add the squirty cream, this can be done when the second layer of jelly is set. Squirt on enough cream to fill the top of the shot glass plus a bit extra.


  • Carefully sit your Halloween icing decorations on top of the cream. 

Ghost icing topper on orange and red jelly with orange balloons in the background and spiderweb table cloth

Tip! My daughter and I got very messy using the black icing, and it started to mix with the other colours. The good thing is because it’s Halloween there’s some creative license around everything looking a bit ‘dirty’ or ‘spooky’. But if you’d rather keep your colours looking sharp, then I recommend not using the black icing until the other colours have been used. 

  • Pop on a tray with some fake cobwebs, or place around the table for the kids to help themselves to. 

We’ve got some more Halloween party food ideas to come, so keep an eye out on our social media and blog for more. 

Happy Halloween!

Halloween party table with spiderweb table cloth, black and orange balloons, halloween cake centre piece and halloween topped jelly shots

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