Enjoy the 'Festive Spirit'

Enjoy the 'Festive Spirit'

Have many of you dived into the Festive Spirit yet? 

As tempting as that bottle of Gin may be after the year we’re having we thought we’d give you a couple of other ideas for enjoying some seasonal cheer!

So, who likes Mulled Wine? It’s not for everyone, personally I wasn’t a fan until I started going to Christmas markets, now I love it! Obviously the Christmas markets aren’t as easy to find this year so have a go at making your own, goes great with some homemade Gingerbread biscuits whilst you’re watching a festive film!

This can be made in a saucepan (or even in a slow cooker, which will keep it warm all evening, double up on ingredients if you’re making a large pot).


  • 1 bottle of Red wine (doesn’t have to be an expensive one)
  • 2 large oranges (peel one, add the peel, zest and juice to the wine; slice the second and add, then use these slices to garnish when you serve)
  • 2 Star anise
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 2/3 Cloves
  • 3/4 tablespoons of brown or caster sugar - if you like it sweet

Cook on a low heat for about 10 minutes, don’t boil it though. Take it off the heat and leave for about 30 minutes, this will let the spices do their thing! Then reheat gently to warm though, but again don’t boil. Strain/removed the peel and spices before you serve. Then enjoy!


Family Favourite

Here’s something that the whole family can enjoy (well sort of!), Spiked Hot Chocolate. 

Now my particular favourite when it comes to hot chocolate powder is Galaxy (there are obviously loads of other brands, but that’s what I like to use).

Add 3/4 heaped teaspoons in your favourite mug, topped it up with hot milk, which is nearly perfect, but of course then the fun bit begins - my particular favourite is to add a few pieces of Cadbury Twirl or Galaxy Ripple, a few mini marshmallows and some squirty cream for good measure (who cares about the calories right, it’s nearly Christmas!)

To make orange Hot Chocolate add some Terry’s chocolate orange segments; Aero mint bubbles work great for a minty hot choc, milky bar buttons for a creamy white. Add your favourite, whatever chocolate you like - to be honest they all taste great!

And if you want to ‘spike’ it, how about adding some Irish Cream, Amaretto or a little drop of rum - of course you better not give those ones to the children!

A lovely mug of Hot Chocolate can be perfectly paired with some home made cookies as you sit listening to Christmas music in your favourite Festive Jumper - or is that just me! ;)

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