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Soft then Strong Clay - FMM Sugarcraft

Soft then Strong Clay

FMM Sugarcraft LTD
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This pack of air drying polymer clay is perfect for all types projects. When working with the clay it is soft, but once left to dry it goes hard. However the great thing about this clay is that even when fully dry it’s still very flexible! Therefore this robust clay is ideal for use, when you know that the end project will be handled a lot. Great for home décor projects as well as flower and jewellery making. The clay is also perfect for using in moulds too.

You can colour this clay by using water based inks before you use it, or paint it with acrylic paints after it has dried. Drying time depends on thickness, so please allow at least 24 hours. Once dry the clay is waterproof.

Wet clay will stick to itself, but once dry you will need a PVA type glue to stick the clay together.

Please be aware that the clay will shrink by between 8 and 10% of it’s original size.  This is normal and is down to the moisture in the clay drying.

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